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The company Poultry Pellet BV was founded exclusively with the aim of developing and building plants of renewable energy sources (RES). We built a biomass cogeneration plant with a capacity of 1MW, a photovoltaic power plant with a capacity of 2MW and a plant for the production of pellets with a capacity of 8 t/h and a plant for the production of wood briquettes with a capacity of 2 t/h. Also Poultry pellet BV has a storage capacity of 5,500m2.

The location of the facility is located at the western entrance of the town of ochten Netherlands ( Bonegraafseweg ). The total of the land is 65.000m2, where all our facilities are located. The facility are located 800 meter from the entrance of Bonegraafseweg high way and 500 meter from the main railway station of Ochten, which easy the transportation of pellets


Cogeneration is the simultaneous production of electricity and useful thermal energy, which uses thermal energy created by burning biomass. Cogeneration is an efficient and practically proven technology, and it is particularly significant due to the efficient use of fuel energy, reduction of CO2 emissions and a very high level of fuel utilization of up to 85%.

In our facility, the heat generated by burning biomass is used to dry wood chips for the production of pellets, and the facility achieves a combined efficiency of 82%, meeting the strictest EU regulations that require an efficiency of 70%. State-of-the-art technology and equipment from renowned global manufacturers ensure safe and efficient work according to all environmental and safety standards. If you are interested in more about technology and environmental protection, visit the equipment manufacturer’s website and see the environmental protection study.


By using exclusively Croatian wood, we contribute to the immediate creation of jobs in the surrounding forests, and reduce the amount of transport. Poultry Pellet BV has signed a contract with the company Hrvatske šume for the supply of wood, and we guarantee that our pellets are produced from high-quality Netherlands wood, not imported wood of questionable quality. It is also important to note that the annual increase in Croatian forests is 10.5 million m3 of wood mass, and 5.8 million m3 are cut annually.


The town of ochten is located in the area of ​​western  Netherlands, within the Netherlands County. It is a natural link between the slopes of the ochten Netherlands mountains and the zaandam plain. ochten is an open city that attracts new business and social initiatives, a pleasant city to live in, with a preserved natural environment and a healthy ecological environment. ochten is a city that has a developed communal infrastructure, a significant geographical and traffic location, and follows the development of traditional entrepreneurship, as well as the development of education and modern technology.

The mission of the city of ochten is reflected in the implementation of the city’s economic development strategy, efficient, timely and high-quality execution of functions and tasks in the field of social activities, communal economy, environmental protection, spatial planning and other tasks assigned by law.